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Seeking a manufacturer with the capability to dehydrate foods, large scale

Posted by Louise from Haute GoodiesResponsive · Research Services and Capabilities · Project Size Range : 0 - 50,000 € · Deadline at 18/10/2020 · United States

Desired outcome

I need to find a co-manufacturer with the capability to dehydrate cookies and grains, large scale!
All other details we can arrange once in touch with a co-manufacturer with that capability.

Haute Goodies
Haute Goodies
Haute Goodies
Haute Goodies
Haute Goodies
Haute Goodies
Haute Goodies
Haute Goodies

Details of the Technology Call

I need to find a co-manufacturer with the capacity to mix up and dehydrate cookies and grains, large scale.

The production of the cookies merely entails the mixing up of the ingredients and forming the cookies, of course, then dehydrating them ‘till done.

The cereal that we make is a more complicated process that would have to be worked out with the co-manufacturer because the grain used has to be sprouted first.

That is of secondary importance because I might be able to deliver the grain sprouted to the co-manufacturer.

My main concern is finding a facility that dehydrates, large scale.

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About Haute Goodies

Startup from United States

We painstakingly create incredible organic "goodies" ...the repertoire including exquisite raw, vegan, and some decadent fare as well! The “haute” in Haute Goodies is in the elegance and quality of ingredients and meticulous craftsmanship we use to produce our organic, hand-crafted “goodies …and more”. My company is currently a start-up.

Haute Goodies is seeking a manufacturer with the capability to dehydrate foods at large scale. Click here for partnership opportunities.

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