Seeking a user friendly method to check the good cutting of the vegetables

Posted by Gauthier from BonduelleResponsive · Specific Technical Innovation · Project Size Range : 50,000 - 250,000 € · Deadline at 30/01/2019 · France

Desired outcome

As a pureplayer of the transformation of the vegetables, we are looking for a method to check the cutting efficiency and be able to predict the changes of our blades (in the field during the harvest and in our factories).
This method must be simple to implement in an industrial context without complex tools.


Details of the Technology Call

A poor efficiency of the vegetables cutting could occur quality problem such as oxydation. Until now, we defined a frequency of changing and/or sharpening of our blades. But depending of the raw material quality this frequency could not well fit.

We are looking for methods able to measure the state of the cutting or of the blades. This method could be direct measuring the right cut of the vegetables or indirect measuring the state of the blades.

Related keywords

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About Bonduelle

Large Enterprise from France

Bonduelle is on a mission to ensure well-living through plant-based foods. It is a manufacturer of plant-based foods, especially vegetables in all technologies (40% fresh-cut chilled salads, 20% frozen, 40% canned) present around the world. TO of around €3bn (45% EU, 45% North America and 10% Russia), 13,500 employees globally, 58 plants in 12 countries with 5 brands (Bonduelle, Ready Pac Foods Bistro, Cassegrain, Globus and Artic Gardens).
Bonduelle is controlled by the family and is deeply rooted in agriculture. It operates with a network of around 3,500 farmers globally and spends >1% of its TO in R&D.

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