Getting Started - About the Response Rate and Profile Badges

Last updated:2018-11-23

Response rate is the average time it takes you to respond to new Solutions Proposals or Requests for Informationsent to your posts on Innoget.

Note that the response rate is based on your first reply in a conversation, not follow-up messages in the same conversatio, or the rejection of the the submited Solution Proposal or Request for Information.

Based on your quickness to respond, your Response Rate might be:

  Very responsive


  Not very responsive

Both your Professional and Organization Profile are also eligible for Innoget badges, which are listed below:

Verified Badge  Verified: Profiles verified by Innoget to let others know that those profiles are authentic. Learn about Verified Profiles here

Premium Badge  Premium: Profiles that have ugraded from a Basic to a Premium Plan

Corporate and Professional Badge  Corporate / Professional: Profiles that have upgraded from a Premium to a Corporate or Professional Plan

Top Ranked Badge  Top Ranked: Profiles which posts have been granted with a rating of 4 or more, or Profiles that have applied to improve the position of their posts on Innoget

Expert Badge  Expert:Individual Profiles that completed and verified their professional profile

Ultimate Badge  Ultimate: Startup and Spinoff Profiles that have moved from a Basic to an Ultimate account

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