Rare metal recovery and recycling using DualPore™ Technology

Summary of the technology

Rare metals such as palladium are used as catalysts for manufacturing automobiles, semiconductors, and printed circuit boards. These trace metals then remain in solutions and waste liquids and are difficult torecover. The present invention is a new material, DualPore™ Silica, which can efficiently adsorb, separate, and recover trace metals and substances.

Kyoto University

Technical Summary

DualPore™ beads are composed of high-purity dual-pore silica particles with high specific surface area due to their bimodal pore structure. The beads consist of microsized through-pores piercing through the silica particles allowing smooth
diffusion of solvents into the particles, and nanosized pores, which accelerate the absorption and separation of the molecules (Fig.1, Yamada et al. 2018).

➤ Palladium and other rare metals can be recovered and reused

The inventors have conducted field studies on palladium, and have demonstrated that it is possible to recover palladium even from solutions with extremely low concentrations of 0.1 ppm. The recovered palladium can then be sold as concentrated high-grade raw material. In addition, the material demonstrated high performance even at low pressure, therefore eliminating the need for expensive high-pressure equipment.

➤ Faster and cheaper than conventional methods

Conventional metal scavengers require long-term batch adsorption treatment. As a result, the synthesized compounds are denatured, the facility operating rate drops, and it takes time and effort to filter and collect the metal scavenger used. In
contrast, the DualPoreTM metal scavenger enables simple and efficient adsorption treatment:
● Extremely low filter pressure
● Purification even at <1ppm
● Cost reduction by selectively adsorbing, recovering and recycling only
precious metals from the mixture
● Low-cost equipment enables ton-scale mass treatment in a short time (80 times increased speed)

DPS Inc.is a spin-off company from Kyoto University which manufactures and sells DualPore™products and is looking for business partners.

Current development status

DualPore™ Technology has been successfully tested for palladium recovery from PCB electroplating tanks.


  • Metal scavenging for recycling and purification
  • Separation and purification of organic compounds (proteins/peptides, fatty acids)

Intellectual property status

Granted Patent

▪ Licensing

▪ Option to license (for feasibility study)

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Related Keywords

  • Industrial manufacturing, Material and Transport Technologies
  • Materials Technology
  • Protein Engineering
  • Agriculture and Marine Resources
  • Food Technology
  • Novel Materials and Materials Technology
  • Speciality metals (including processes for working with metals)
  • compounds
  • peptides
  • organic compound

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