Fire hose element to facilitate the work of firefighters

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Summary of the technology

This is an angled connector element for fire hoses that improves the working conditions of fire brigades and enables them to improve their performance during an intervention.


Details of the Technology Offer

New and innovative aspects

When fighting a fire, firefighters have a device for securing a vertical hose installation which has a series of shortcomings or deficiencies that can compromise its performance. In response to this need, a clamping device has been developed for the vertical installation of hoses by means of additive manufacturing. This device makes it possible to reduce the occupational risks of the personnel and improve their performance during an intervention.

Main advantages of its use

• The device is quick and easy to install.
• It improves the working conditions of firefighters.
• It can be securely anchored to the various locations that firefighters may encounter in buildings (railings, walls, window sills, etc.). This reduces the risk of any incident or accident caused by falling vertical lines and dragging firefighters who are working to extinguish the fire.
• It adapts or adjusts in width depending on the point where it has to be located.
• It prevents the hoses from collapsing or folding against the ground, thus avoiding limiting the flow to tackle the fire.
• The weight of the device has been optimised by additive manufacturing.
• It avoids working with high working pressures, which means a reduction in the risk of hose rupture and therefore reduces the risk to personnel.


The device developed integrates an elbow with two connectors together with the connecting elements of a clamp.

Possible accidents (falls, sprains, etc.) that may occur on the stairways of damaged buildings are avoided, as the stairs would be free of obstacles. The use of the anchoring device would allow a vertical installation through the stairwell or facade, leaving the staircase as a free and safe resource in case of being used for evacuations, rescues and mobilisation of human and material resources during the intervention.

It is avoided that the necessary flow is not achieved to counteract the calorific power of the fire in high-rise buildings (EGAs) since with the developed device it is possible to reduce pressure losses by safely using a vertical laying of hoses and thus establishing a sufficient available flow.


The developed device can be used for the vertical installation of hoses during fire brigade operations in high-rise buildings.

Intellectual property status

Protected by utility model U202231148

Current development status

Laboratory tests have been carried out.

Desired business relationship

Commercial Agreement, License Agreement, Technical Cooperation: further development; Technical Cooperation: testing new applications; Technical Cooperation: adaptation to specific needs.

Intellectual property status

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