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Summary of the technology

The Nitric Oxide (NO) gum is a simple solution for several complex medical issues facing consumers. The gum delivers nitric oxide into the oral cavity that favorably balances the oral microbiome and also delivers NO systemically to the body.

Per Os Biosciences

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The Nitric Oxide (NO) gum is a simple solution for several complex medical issues facing consumers. The NO gum favorably balances the oral microbiome and delivers NO systemically to the body.

Created by an expert in the nitric oxide field, the NO gum is similar to chewing an arugula-beet-citrus salad from a nitric oxide perspective. Such a salad would provide about 4x the nitric oxide potency of a single piece of our chewing gum. Actually, the gum is modeled after plant-based, nitric oxide-potent foods. There are numerous IRB-approved clinical studies on prebiotic inorganic nitrate derived from either a plant-derived source or an ascorbic acid-inorganic nitrate formulated nutraceutical that show the health benefits.

The two formulas of the gum are scheduled to launch before the end of 2022. Additional compositions targeting various consumer verticals (like sports performance) will be ready before the end of 2022. Based on initial feedback, this bioactive nitric oxide gum will be on the shelves in grocery and natural foods stores in early 2023.

The gum was developed to combat tooth decay and gum inflammation by increasing the local nitric oxide levels in the mouth with the intent to shift the oral microbiome from tooth-decaying bacteria to a healthy nitric oxide-generating microflora (see attached article). In doing so, we see an increase in alkalinity or pH thereby reducing acid promoting, tooth-decaying bacteria and associated gum inflammation. As expected we are finding that the story is beginning to resonate among buyers in the natural foods and nutraceutical verticals as well among healthcare providers who are interested in whitelabeling the gum.

As a side note but directly related to the value proposition for the bioactive NO chewing gum, you may have noticed that during the covid pandemic inhaled nitric oxide was being used to lower viral burden in the oral and nasal cavity. The data now show that covid patients recover quicker with nitric oxide. Nitric oxide self-use nebulizers for the everyday consumers is emerging as a Covid preventative strategy and machines that deliver larger doses are being used for treatment in advanced stages of covid. It is now accepted that saliva is a reservoir of covid and the disease itself is a nitric oxide deficiency disease which all begins in the oral-nasal cavity. We have a strong reason to believe our gum generates low levels of nitric oxide to control viral burden. We are in discussions with parties to perform clinical studies showing that an NO gum is an anti-viral in the oral cavity thus preventing the spread of viruses to other people or into a person’s lungs.

In addition to the oral health benefits, another channel for prospective healthcare practitioners (and companies with smoking remediation products) is that an NO gum would be ideal for smokers, ex-smokers and possibly 2nd hand smokers who are presumably nitric oxide deficient in the oral-nasal cavity. And it is the smokers who are at higher risk of developing mouth cancer, losing teeth, decay on the roots of teeth, and complications after tooth removal as well as gum surgery.

The NO gum is available for white label or private label.

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Per Os Biosciences

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Patent application number : US Pat App: 16/936,036

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Patent number : US Pat: 9,744,128

Where : United States

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Patent application number : US Provisional Pat App: 63/402,149

Where : United States

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About Per Os Biosciences

Per Os specializes in unique, tableted delivery systems that absorb quickly through the oral mucosa with high bioavailability of actives. We have patented our unique chewing gum manufacturing process (4 patents and counting) that allows Per Os to develop one-of-a-kind dietary supplement or food products, with pharmaceutical products as future targets. We also specialize in incorporating CBD into our tableted product formats of chewing gum, lozenges/mints and chewable tablets.

Robert Estey

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