Quantum Imaging with Undetected Photons

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Summary of the technology

You are working in the area of methods of imaging, spectroscopy or photometry?
Then the new method of quantum imaging with undetected photons („QUIP“), developed at the university of vienna, is exciting for you.
It allows to take images from objects without the need of detecting the light, being scattered from the object.

This is achieved by first splitting up a primary beam of photons into two separate beams of entangled photons having different wavelengths.

The two split-up beams are now themselves splitted up into two quantum-entangled split-up beams of different wave-length, whereat each one of these split-up beams of second generation has a wavelength of one of the split-up beams of the first splitting up.

The split-up beams of first and second generation having the same wavelength are now merged and superposed so that their photons are now no longer distinguishable from each other. Due to the entanglement of the „combination-beams“ being acquired this way and having different wavelengths from each other, the behaviour of the photons of one of the beams can be determined by measuring the photons of the other beam – while both combination-beams, being entangled with each other and having different wavelengths.

The object which is to be investigated will be illuminated with one of the combination-beams and the other combination-beam will be „analysed“.

By doing so an object is being illuminated with one wavelength and the detection of the „result“ of the illumination will take place at another wavelength.

Hence, the method is based upon the emission of photon pairs from two coherent SPDC processes and spatial correlation within the photon pairs. The image is developing as interference pattern in one of the two beams, whereat the object is illuminated by the other beam.

It is not necessary to detect the „object-beam“, because its behaviour can be derived from the „detection-beam“ at a different wavelength, due to their entanglement with each other.

On behalf of UniVie we (TransMIT Society for Technology Transfer) are looking for cooperation partners in areas of optics, measurement technology and medical imaging for further development or licensees in Germany, Europe, US, and Asia.

I look forward to your message.

TransMIT GmbH

Current development status

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Measurement technology (methods, being based on electromagnetic waves)

Medical imaging

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Intellectual property status

  • Granted Patent
  • Patent application number :EP 2 887 137 B1
  • Granted Patent
  • Patent application number :US 9,557,262 B2

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  • Physical Sciences and Exact Sciences
  • Physics
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Niklas Guenther

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