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The present invention relates to a morphable sheet structure which can be flexed, bended and twisted and which shape can be modified, providing a sheet structure with adaptable or programmable shape. This sheet structure can be used for many applications, for example implantable stents, deployable constructions such as antennas, solar panels or sails, adaptive skins for organic architecture, soft robots or haptics.


Details of the Technology Offer

Many technologies, established or emerging, rely on soft and highly deformable structures, more particularly thin sheets, barriers or interfaces, with adaptable and programmable shape. These include deployable structures used in medicine (stents) or space (antennas, solar arrays or sails, etc), which possess ultra-low weight, compact stowage, and which can be remotely assembled into a precise shape. As a matter of fact, the design of devices and structures with adaptable shape is greatly simplified if the shape-morphing principle is embodied in the material that defines the thin sheet. By drawing inspiration from the micro-architecture of the euglenoid pellicle, we propose a new principle to achieve shape-adaptable and programmable thin shells. Specifically, the material architecture we propose consists of a plurality of flexible rod elements closely arranged parallel to each other and free of undergoing relative sliding at their junctions.

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