Biodegradable aerogel highly versatile in applications and uses

Summary of the technology

The Institute of Agrochemistry and Food Technology (IATA-CSIC) has developed a biodegradable aerogel capable of absorbing fluids while maintaining its integrity even in contact with water. In addition to its usefulness as a packaging material in agri-food, it is potentially useful in biomedical applications (for drug release), as an acoustic and thermal insulator, enzymatic catalysis or in the automotive industry.

We are looking for companies from different sectors interested in licensing the patent and for the development of specific applications.

Instituto de Agroquímica y Tecnología de Alimentos (IATA-CSIC)

Details of the Technology Offer

Inexpensive and easy-to-produce hydrophobic material from cellulose

Aerogels are very low density and highly porous materials. The aerogel presented is composed of uncoated cellulose that loses its integrity when in contact with water, but when coated with a hydrophobic biodegradable biopolymer, it maintains its structure even in water.
The cellulose in these aerogels can be obtained from different biomass sources (using waste plant material) and through simplified processes that result in low-cost, high-performance materials (with excellent mechanical, thermal and sorption properties, and high specific surface area due to their high porosity).
Thanks to its highly porous structure, it has multiple applications. It has already been evaluated for use as a pad in active food packaging under meat or fish, which has shown its ability to extend the shelf life of fresh produce. Its potential as an acoustic insulator has also been evaluated, showing similar behaviour to commercial materials.

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About Instituto de Agroquímica y Tecnología de Alimentos (IATA-CSIC)

The Institute of Agrochemistry and Food Technology ia a center of the Spanish National Council for Cientific Research (CSIC). Its scientific-technical objective is to carry out research of excellence on the production of sustainable and quality food, taking into account its safety, health impact and consumer acceptance.
IATA research can be grouped into the following lines of research:
- Innovation in foods and processes
- Food Safety and preservation
- Diet, microbiota and health
- Food biotechnology.

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