Innovative industrial solutions for processing more than 2,500 types of waste into locally demanded resources

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Summary of the technology

DAVER-A! has developed a novel proposal for the processing of more than 2500 types of waste into energy, heat and fuel.
The scalable waste processing solution comprises:
1. Used tires .
2. Heavy duty tires (quarry equipment).
3. RDF from MSW.
4. Chlorine-containing plastics (and other organics like pesticides).
5. Medical waste.
6. Waste from plant growing and animal husbandry, regardless of the content of antibiotics and other pharmaceuticals in them, as well as not recyclable waste from fish farms and meat processing plants.
7. Woodworking waste of any moisture and condition.
8. Liquid (highly diluted) chromium-contaminated tannery waste.
9. Liquid (highly diluted) waste of alcohol production - stillage and fugate.

Waste processing products
1. Electric and heat energy from 100 kW to 10 MW with one module (linear scaling is possible).
2. Quality carbon black.
3. HQ-syngas for generators and boilers.
4. Dry food pellets.
5. Fuel pellets.
6. Table salt, chromium, sulfur, pure and distilled water.
7. Cryptocurrency.

We do not pollute the environment, after processing, only mineral powder and CO2 emissions less than the most stringent standard.

Please see attached documents for additional non-confidential information of the conversion processes.


Details of the Technology Offer

Lichko Igor Vladimirovich
Creative director

+375 29 6771258 (Viber)

Skype: lichko.igor


Attached documents

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About DAVER-A!

We are innovative and hands-on company that follows ESG strategy in all our projects. Our main activity is demonstrating and implementing disruptive solutions in areas of sustainable development in local communities and other international locations. AI and data science are pivotal for us. Projects are time-money-efficiently executed in the environment of great resources with help of our professionals (in science, R&D, IT, engineering, education, economy etc.), strong partners and supporters. Based on life experience we believe that trust is the key that unlocks great potential in responsible businesses and proactive individuals. Trust that one puts in us pays off by the results we produce.

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