Portable cavitometer for measurement and control of the cavitation activity in high-power ultrasonic fields and hydrodynamic cavitation meters

Summary of the technology

Can be used for optimization of ultrasonic technological processes, for detection of the presence and intensity of cavitation in hydraulic systems, for measurements of cavitation thresholds.

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Operation principle

The zone of cavitation (cavitation noise) generates an acoustic signal, which is received by the sensor incorporated into the system and converted into an electric signal. The latter is process by the electronic component, and the cavitation activity value is visible on the indicator.

The value obtained is the initial parameter needed to control and regulate the industrial processes or the extent to which the ultrasound affects the biological structures.

The basic model has the following measurement modes:

  • Full cavitation activity;
  • Transient cavitation activity.


1) Industry:

control and optimization of the operation procedures in suspension purification, infiltration and processing technologies, in particular, suspensions of nanoparticles; emulsification and emulsion processing, crystallization, degasifying treatment of liquids, etc..

2) Chemistry, sonochemistry:

- acceleration of sonochemical reactions;

- improvement of reactive ability in metallic surfaces;

- scission of high-molecular compounds (depolymerizing);

- catalytic effect in reactions with powders (for instance, catalytic effect of Nickel powder is intensified under ultrasound by several orders of magnitude);

- cracking processing of paraffins into smaller fragments under room temperature;

- increasing the yield rate in Ullmann and Wurtz reactions, as well as in other types of reactions.

3) Biology and medicine:

- enhancement of the membrane permeability in cells (sonoporation) without any serious impact on the cell life;

- inhibition of the cell growth and expansion;

- destruction of cells without the possibility of further recovery of functions.

Current development status

Commercially available technologies

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