High-temperature cavitometer (up to 1000° C.)

Summary of the technology

Designed for recording changes and monitoring the activity of cavitation in liquids and metal melts at temperatures up to 1000° C. Cavitation meter is equipped with a USB output and a memory card and comes with a data processing software.

Details of the Technology Offer

Operating principle

The operating principle of the device is based on the analysis and processing of the spectrum of cavitation noise received by a broadband hydrophone. When pulsating and collapsing, cavitation bubbles generate acoustic disturbances and shock waves, which are caused by the intensifying effect of powerful ultrasound on physical and chemical processes in liquids and melts of metals. The more intensive the shock wave, the more high-frequency components are in a Fourier series representing this wave. Therefore, concentration of bubbles and their collapse intensity increases with the intensity of high-frequency components in the spectrum of the cavitation noise that is expanded in the high-frequency region.


- Metallurgy.

- Industrial technologies

Measurement modes:

  • full cavitation activity
  • digital output of measurements to the computer
  • recording of output signals in form of time dependences

Data processing program:the program allows you to record the time change in the activity of cavitation and simultaneously display this change in form of a graph on the computer monitor in real time. The measurement results in form of tables and graphs are saved as separate files automatically based on the saving algorithm selected by the operator.

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