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Summary of the technology

The PEROSH member institutes perform research and develop tools and approaches in many OSH fields, such as: occupational safety, occupational health, machine safety, mental wellbeing, dangerous substances, industrial hygiene, productivity, risk assessment, OSH policies, exposure measurements and many more. Innovation seekers can contact us and we can try to find a solution provider in our network.

Details of the Technology Offer

PEROSH is a partnership of 14 Occupational Safety and Health research institutes in 13 European countries. It was created in 2003 to strengthen European research in Occupational Safety and Health (OSH). PEROSH members are considered as the core national research institutes on OSH in their respective countries. They perform research on assignments by governments,  accident insurers, industry and others. Some of our members have labs for testing and research. 

Core Tasks

1.PEROSH is a think tank for occupational safety and health in Europe and identifies research challenges at European level. Research is needed e.g. to promote mental well-being in the sustainable organisation of work, to investigate the impact of technologies on workers in Europe and to develop a safety culture that is also adopted in small and medium-sized companies.

2.PEROSH collaborates on improving the quality of research .The partner institutes leverage synergies by working together and learning from one another. Researchers are motivated to participate in exchange programs between the partner institutes as well as in commonly organized workshops and conferences. They join forces in projects funded by the EU as well as in PEROSH-initiated joint research projects.

3.PEROSH promotes dissemination of research results throughout Europe.  PEROSH informs European stakeholders of the outcomes of research into occupational safety and health issues. Information is spread via social media, such as Twitter, LinkedIn and a newsletter, and also on the comprehensive PEROSH website (

Our mission

PEROSH creates and exchanges new knowledge and practice on occupational safety and health (OSH) and makes it accessible to policy makers, workplaces and other stakeholders in Europe.

Our vision

Policy makers, workplaces and other stakeholders across Europe are inspired by and use knowledge generated by PEROSH in their efforts to develop innovative and sustainable workplaces which are healthy and safe. PEROSH seeks impact and adds value through the exchange of knowledge and good practices across Europe to the benefit of all.

Our activities

• We pool resources and create new knowledge through joint activities

• We disseminate, share and exchange knowledge on OSH issues between members and within Europe to all relevant stakeholders

• We provide the evidence base that informs and underpins decisions by national and European policymakers on healthy and safe working lives

• We identify new research challenges in the field of OSH

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  • Protecting Man and Environment
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  • Hazardous Materials
  • Assessment of Environmental Risk and Impact
  • Sustainability
  • wellbeing


PEROSH (Partnership for European Research in Occupational Safety and Health)
In an ever-changing world of work, the promotion of the health and safety of the present and future workforce is crucial for guaranteeing a healthier, longer and more productive working life. In order to ensure the quality of work and employment in Europe, a well-coordinated approach to occupational safety and health research rising above regional and national boundaries is needed. Therefore, the PEROSH partners aim to coordinate and cooperate on European research and development efforts in occupational safety and health. The network comprises 14 Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) institutes, all playing key roles in their national affiliations to governments/authorities and health and accident insurance systems.


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