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Summary of the technology

Great taste due to new discovery for sweetening protein beverages
27-28 g protein per serving
More nutritionally complete than competing products
Can often eliminate the need for some commonly used supplements
More effective forms of some nutrients than competing products

Robert DiSilvestro

Details of the Technology Offer

Product commercial details.Name of Barinutra Complete. 4 Flavors available now. More ready to go. For sale at

Formulation history.The products were formulated Dr. Robert DiSilvestro, Ph.D. biochemistry, professor of nutrition for 34 years, and currently Emeritus Professor of Human Nutrition (Ohio State University). The products are based on a pilot study published in Obesity Surgery 2016;29:2781-2789 (though some improvements were made after the study).

Unique aspects.The nutrient mix & sweetening formulas each have patents pending. The forms of some of the nutrients have efficacy & taste advantages over common forms.

Completeness.The line is called complete because 2 servings/day completely cover typical basic bariatric nutrition support recommendations (without requiring additional products).

Other nutritional benefits besides completeness

  • In the pilot study, blood sugar went down with the new formulation
  • In the pilot study, in the early weeks post-surgery, weight loss was a little higher vs that for a competitor’s product
  • Based on the pilot study, the iron & calcium in this product can be taken together
  • In the pilot study, an early post-surgery fall in a copper status marker value was blocked-but not by a competitor's product
  • In the pilot study, magnesium status was improved-but not by a competitor's product
  • The product has a zinc version with better absorption than those found in most multi-vitamins and meal replacements
  • The new line contains more potassium than competing products usually have
  • The new line has a selenium form that has lowered PSA readings in men
  • The new line has moderately high thiamin (vitamin B1); deficiencies sometimes occur after bariatric surgery
  • The new line may help protect the liver, though research is preliminary

Intellectual property status

Patent already applied for

Patent application number : US20140127351A1; 16/989,143; PCT/US20/45595

Where : USA for first; US and international for second

Current development status

Commercially available technologies

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About Me

Biographical Sketch, Dr. Robert DiSilvestro

Dr. DiSilvestro holds a PhD in biochemistry from Texas A&M University, was a nutrition professor for 34 years, and is currently Professor Emeritus of Human Nutrition at The Ohio State University. His research has spanned diverse topics from basic physiology and biochemistry to human intervention studies (which include “non-wet lab” measures in people). This professor has authored/co-authored close to 110 peer reviewed research journal articles, written a number of reviews, composed book chapters, and written a whole book on the state of research for mineral supplements. Dr. DiSilvestro has been on editorial boards for a number of research journals and has been a reviewer for various grant programs (including one for nutrition research with business potential). He has also spoken at a number of nutrition industry trade shows and written for nutrition industry trade journals. He also has done consulting for food and supplement industries (ie. Pepsico, Dupont, and Bausch & Lomb). He also currently runs two startup companies.

Research Accomplishments, Dr. Robert DiSilvestro

My early research emphasized metalloprotein biochemistry and physiology. Some of that work was on copper and zinc transport, which helped set the stage for later explosions in chaperone research. I also developed some metalloenzyme methodology, and was the first to show that moderate mineral deficiencies affect certain metalloenzyme activities. Further work clarified conflicting data on the molecular weight of superoxide dismutase3. Early work also demonstrated that a green tea flavonoid can affect copper enzyme metabolism. At the time, flavonoid bioactivity research was almost nonexistent (a situation that has changed). My mineral work then shifted to applied human nutrition such as finding how to assess marginal deficiencies. The work also compared bioactivities for different versions of minerals. In addition, some consequences of marginal mineral deficiencies were characterized including effects on ADHD children (one article was a cover story for a journal issue).

Eventually, this researcher expanded into nonmineral nutrients and nutraceuticals. Some work examined how well one supplement version fared versus others. In another area, one paper demonstrated that the herb kava was not hepatotoxic. This spawned studies by others that led a European regulatory body reversing a position on kava hepatotoxicity. In other work, a study was done on protein and exercise-induced muscle gain. The resulting paper was the most online accessed research article for the journal for a long time. In a related direction, a series of studies were done on soy products, including one that debunked the idea that they lower testosterone readings in men. Other research showed that by simply eating one apple a day, profound effects are produced for a measure related to heart disease risk. This received wide media coverage.

In various projects, side measures were taken and the data stored. This remains a way to jump start future research. In one case, some natural/semi-natural ingredients were noted to lower triglyceride readings. Three of them are hypothesized to act additively or synergistically.

Robert DiSilvestro

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