N4 -acyl-2-deoxycytidine-5-triphosphates for the enzymatic synthesis of modified DNA

Summary of the technology

Novel N4-acylated deoxycytidine nucleotides as beneficial substrates for screening of enzymes, the enzymatic synthesis of modified DNA, which can be further applied for specific labelling of DNA fragments, selection of aptamers or photoimmobilization.

Details of the Technology Offer

The newly developed method on N4 -modified nucleotides relates generally to the field of nucleic acid chemistry, specifically to N4- position modified cytidine triphosphates. It also relates to methods of making and using the same. The invention includes the use of the modified nucleotides for the synthesis of modified product, which can be an oligonucleotide, double- or single-stranded DNA or RNA fragment, or an aptamer. The technology is based on the idea of using N4 -modified cytidine triphosphates for the biosynthesis and application of modified nucleic acids. The present idea of biosynthesis and application of modified nucleic acids covers synthesis, modification and application of nucleic acid molecule comprising at least one cytosine nucleobase modification of the compounds. In summary novel N4 -modified nucleotides significantly expand the toolbox for the enzymatic synthesis of modified nucleic acids.


molecular biology,


synthetic biology,


clinical diagnostics,



Group of researchers from Institute of Biochemistry, Centre of Life Sciences:

prof. Rolandas Meškys, Dr.Jevgenija Jakubovska, Dr.Daiva Tauraitė.


Jakubovska, J., Tauraitė, D., Birštonas, L., Meškys, R.N4-acyl-2-deoxycytidine-5-triphosphates for the enzymatic synthesis of modified DNA.Nucleic Acids Research, 2018,Vol. 46,No. 12 5911–5923.

Current development status

Laboratory prototypes

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Related Keywords

  • Biological Sciences
  • Biology / Biotechnology
  • Enzyme Technology
  • Synthetic Biology
  • biosynthesis

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