FIBRACEP: New dietary fibre-based ingredient to control cardiovascular disease risk

Summary of the technology

Fibracep is a dietary fibre derived from an onion homogenate that can be used as a dietary supplement to control metabolic and cardiovascular disease risk.

Universitat de Lleida

The Technology

A new dietary fibre-based ingredient consisting of a blend of natural ingredients and bioactive compounds obtained from by-products of the agrifood industryhas been developed.

This fibre is able to modify the blood lipid content towards a healthier profile by effectively reducing cholesterol absorption in the gut and increasing blood HDL-cholesterol levels. Thus, allowing the prevention and even the treatment of cardiovascular and metabolic diseases such as obesity and diabetes.

The Market Need

Currently, the use of fibre as nutritional supplement or food additive is widely accepted and used throughout the world. Health benefits and the terminology “fibre” are well known for most of the population.

This product will provide the market a new ingredient which is able to modify the blood lipid content towards a healthier profile, meeting the characteristics related to the effects on LDL cholesterol and the increase in HDL cholesterol.

In relation to already existing dietary fibre-based products, this product will improve the demonstrated benefits of both soluble and insoluble fibres and its associated compounds.


  • Ability to raise the HDL-cholesterol levels by 50%:
    • reducing cholesterol absorption in the gut
    • increasing blood HDL-cholesterol
  • Ability to improve cardiovascular and metabolic disease risk biomarkers
  • Dietary fibres are well-known products and widely accepted by general population as a healthy compound
  • Obtained from by-products of the agri-food industry and by means of standard manufacturing methods


It can be used as an ingredient in the nutraceutical industry for the development of either functional food or nutritional supplements that will enable the marketing of new products with demonstrated healthy properties.

Level of Development

The technology is ready for production and commercialisation (TRL-9)

FDA approved as ingredient

Functional effects have been assessed in several randomized and placebo-controlled clinical trials, showing effectiveness in modulating the risk of metabolic syndrome development

Business Opportunity

Available for production and commercialisation

Licensing agreement for the commercial exploitation of the product is sought

IP Status

Patents granted (USA and Europe)

Related Keywords

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