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SouqBox - Giving clients the platform to create the defacto B2B market place for its sector

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Summary of the technology

B2B Product companies still trade mostly offline - $6.7Tn annually. There is no easy way to go online for most of the smaller businesses in this category. SouqBox is the world's first dedicated B2B SAAS platform for the online journey. We say “Journey” because its customers can start by having a risk free, fully branded ecommerce platform with complete control over the trading models in less than 30 minutes. It’s self-serve and fully branded to the customers’ needs. And at a time that is appropriate for them, can have the same platform evolve into being a fully fledged market market place i.e. a platform where customers are able to access other suppliers. By becoming the defacto marketplace, and not just a shop window, a SouqBox client is able to generate incremental revenue streams from its competitor’s trading activity too - if it chooses to.

Description of the technology

The business has been self-funded for the past 2 years.  Revenues have been doubling each year.  FY 2020 expects revenues to be circa £700,000 to £750,000.   We are raising a series A round of £1M on a pre-money value of of £5M.  The investment is EIS eligible.  

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About Siskin Capital

Technology Transfer Network from United Kingdom

Siskin Capital is a UK-based firm that is focused on three principal business areas;

1. Intellectual capital advisory – providing patent transaction services, strategic advisory and patent advisory services.

2. Capital raising for technology companies

3. M&A advisory and execution for technology companies that either want to acquire assets or to dispose of assets.

Siskin Capital serves a range of clients from large technology companies right through to small and medium enterprises, and start-ups operating in the high-tech space.

The team brings together decades of high profile, wide-ranging technical and commercial experience, coupled with a fresh outlook, in shaping patent and investment deals across global markets.

We draw on, and build upon, expertise from professionals with backgrounds in a variety of technical disciplines and skill-sets. Our clients receive deal creativity, flexibility, industry connections and above all, a focus on maximizing value for whichever transaction they mandate our services.

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