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PFAS-PFOA destruction via biological process

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Summary of the technology

We have developed bacteria and a carrier to treat PFAS and PFOA derivatives from the environment.
This process can achieve 99% removal of the forever chemical.
Removal from water streams and soil is achieved within this process.
Combining our proven absorption method and the addition of our developed bacteria removes and locks the chemicals that do not allow it to release back into the environment or process.
We are available for site removal and rehabilitation for large bodies of water and soil.
We are able to halt the plume of contaminated ground water in site and remove the contaminant.

Description of the technology

PFAS / PFOA contaminant treatment via biological digestion and retention.This removes 99% of the forever chemical.

We have developed biology that incorporated with our existing treatment process removs and neautralises this contaminent.We have the technology available to rehabilitate large bodies of water and underground leaching.This technology is proven with many completed projects in Australia.We are available for site rehabilitation as requested.

Technology Owner

Rick Wadley

Innovation Manager at Vortex H20

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About Vortex H20

Innovation Intermediary from Australia

We are an Australian Engineering company with projects nationally.
We are proud to be an Australian owned and operated engineering, management and construction business operating nationally. We pride ourselves in our preeminent industry reputation for innovative, reliable and unsurpassed quality design, construction and operation of water and wastewater treatment facilities.
Our unparalleled knowledge and experience culminates from over 25 years in the engineering sector. Our organisational culture honours empowered flexible and accountable solutions designed specifically for any individual client requirements.
With this dedicated experience and ethos, we guarantee a reliable efficient system. Our systems offered have evolved over a 95 year period of development.
We operate under the Engineers Australia Code of Ethics. 

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