New dendrimer as a contrast agent in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)

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Summary of the technology

ICMAB has developed a new dendrimer that can be used as a contrast agent (CA) in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). This new CA is non-toxic and it is expelled from live tissues in hours, making it the best option when periodical MRI tests are needed.


Description of the technology

has developed a new contrast agent (CA) for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). The inventors have expertise in developing new dendrimers for biological applications.

MRI is a well-known imaging technique for non-invasive medical diagnosis and follow-up. CA provides images of different tissues, tumours and related pathological conditions of the same tissue in excellent detail due to their enhanced different brightness.

The most widely used CAs are based on metal ions like gadolinium (Gd III). Gd can be considered as a toxic metal, it accumulates in some tissues (brain, bones, kidneys, etc.) and there is a relation between Gd administration and the development of nephrogenic systemic fibrosis.

The new CA is a dendrimer with proxyl radicals. It is a Gd free non-toxic molecule with high solubility in biological fluids, long term contrast activity and it is expelled in hours from live tissues without accumulating in any of them.

The characterístics of the new CA make it the ideal option when repeated MRI tests are needed.

The advantatges of the technology are:

- Metal free non-toxic CA based on a dendrimer with proxyl radicals.

- Non accumulation of CA in tissues, fastly expelled and easily degradated.

- Same contrast as Gd based CAs with 4 times less concentration.

-Allows repeated imaging studies without health negative effects.

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Magnetic Resonance Imaging Contrast Agent

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