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Summary of the technology

Focusing on development in IoT area, our R&D department was founded 6 years ago. Today, we have a spin-off company called WolkAbout which has developed its own smart IoT platform, but our IoT department is working in the same discipline, as well. Besides the platform, we have experience in working with AWS IoT and Microsoft Azure IoT. The main focus of Execom IoT department is the embedded part of IoT solutions, but we do not shy away from custom cloud implementation either.

Description of the technology


Our skill set in IoT area is described here. Overall, we possess knowledge to work on any part of IoT solution. Because we have broad knowledge of IoT, we are able to develop turnkey IoT solutions (IoT client, IoT server, mobile clients).

KNOW-HO AREAS: IoT client integration, IoT gateway development, IoT sensor hub development, Home Automation, IoT cloud knowledge, Mobile IoT application development, Bluetooth implementation, Bluetooth certification

PROTOCOLS: MQTT, Bluetooth Low Energy, JSON, REST, XMPP, TR-069 (remote device access and monitoring, may be used in IoT), WiFi, LoRa, 3G, HTTP digest, Stun

SKILLS: - C/C++, System programming, Bluetooth device development, Linux, Software architecture, Hardware interaction, Git - Gerrit, SVN, Python, Porting, Cross-compiling, IPC communication, Serial communication, Android development

OPERATING SYSTEMS: Linux, Windows, Embedded Linux, RTOS, Bare metal

DEVELOPING PRINCIPLES: Works well on any operating system. Develop a modular solution. Easily add/subtract modules (functionalities). Easily include different communication protocols. Keep it simple.

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Small and Medium Enterprise from Serbia and Montenegro

Experienced English Translator making her way in the world of IT. Skilled in creating technical, business, product, and promotional content. Dedicated to lead processing and market research. Helping companies discover and benefit from Execom's way of digging deep into the code. Business development.

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