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Summary of the technology

This technology includes three devices to be patented, one new inspection technique has been developed including inspection procedure and a controlling software. I am seeking interested company or person for investment and to be partner.

Description of the technology

The technology include three inventions and three support tools: one inspection equipment, inspection procedure and controlling software. The inventions are 100 % new technology, this means that there is no competition at all.

As a new invention the only possible cross information is through a disclossure aggreement with firm aim to go to a patenting process. Once the information is open open it is no longer a secret and cannot be patented. I am sure I can reach an aggreement with interested partner.

Intellectual property status

Other forms of protection

The status is not protected, non shared or published

Current development status

Finished technologies

Desired business relationship

Technology selling

Patent licensing

Joint ventures

Other : Develop marketing strategy

Technology Owner

Jhonny Ramirez Dala

Independent Reseacher for the solution of technological important problems in refining industry at Independent

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  • Industrial manufacturing, Material and Transport Technologies
  • Design and Modelling / Prototypes
  • Materials Technology
  • Properties of Materials, Corrosion/Degradation
  • Industrial Products
  • Industrial Equipment and Machinery
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About Independent

Startup from United States

I am a 69 years old mechanical Engineering with a MSc in Manchester University on Corrosion. I have long experience in the refining industry. I hold a US patent for a modular insulation system for Coke Drums in Delay Coking plants and have a pending patent for Inspection port for UT measurement in piping and equipment. My best research completed is the solution to CUI (Corrosion Under Insulation). This problem is responsable for global expenses of billions of dollars every year.
My R&D for this problem requires patenting three devices (not file yet) to work together in the solution of the problem. I am open and seeking inventos to share these patents and technology

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