Material for covering adhesive surface and allows to detach the adhesive material without any residues

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Summary of the technology

We offer a solution to protect adhesive layers during packaging and/or storage. Neither the adhesive layer nor the packaging material will be damaged when the product is unpacked.

Buck Service GmbH

Details of the Technology Offer

The packaging of adhesive materials is always challenging, since the packaging material and the adhesive surface may stick togehter, whenever they get into contact. Consequently, either the adhesive layer and/or the packaging material will be damaged, when the product is unpacked. Recently, release papers which are coated e.g. with silicone are used to protect adhesive surfaces. We have developed an new alternative material which is mainly based on a sheetlike supporting material which displays a multiplicity of elongate elements, e.g. flock fibres to cover the adhesive layer without sticking to it. The protective material and the adhesive layer may be attached and detached several times without any damaging of the adhesive layer or the protective material.

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