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Floatable Photovoltaic System to generate Electric Energy. Advantage of cooling the Photovoltaic System generating more power under high Global radiation

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Schwimmfähige Photovoltaikanlage / Floatable Photovoltaic System to produce Electric Energy using floatable Aluminum- plates in thermal contact with Photovoltaic Elements. Weather dependend heating of the Photovoltaic Elements will reduce their efficiency in producing Electric Energy.
Cooling the Photovoltaic System (PV) down to receive Electric Power more effiently when exposed under high Global radiation.
High Global Radiation (W/m²) could heat up PV e.g. to 60° C and result in a so called "Voltage drop".

Photovoltaic System combined in thermal contact with cooling elements could be used on air.

Further Research on this matter is planned.

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DE 20 2017 102 482.2

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