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High Cooling Inducer Air condition

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Summary of the technology

A Water condition contains tow upper and lower rooms separated by a perforated barrier to pass water from top to bottom,with a turbo fan in the lower tank (Water Tank ). The fan pulls the air from the outside through the water flowing from top to Bottom .The Heat Exchange is expelled to the outside via controllable out let,the water conditioner also contains cardboard that can be installed in the barrier.

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Intellectual property status

Granted Patent

Patent number :3791

Where :Sudan

Current development status

Working prototypes

Technology Owner

Hussein Ibrahim

Open Innovation Manager at Jazan University

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About Jazan University

Research & Technology Organization from Sudan

Graduated as a Master Degree Holder From UNESCO-chair in Water Resources Development & Management , Worked with Rural Communities through NGO's ,Through my works with poor communities I have gained a lot of knowledge on water purification ,then I have started to developed an Intervention that can serve the poor communities to get clean drinking water my Basic Knowledge is Agricultural Sciences ,Now I'm working with Jazan University as prelim year teacher ,Environment and Water Sconces PHD coming research. I would like to Continue on the Water Sciences to get the PHD

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