A new effective and eco-friendly product to destroy Helicobacter pylori on the basis of plant components to which the bacteria can not become resistant.

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Summary of the technology

The product is designed for destruction of Helicobacter pylori without the use of antibiotics. Guaranteed effective means of destruction without side effects on other organs.


Description of the technology

The product has been tested for 4 years with a small number of volunteers. It is formulated as a dietary supplement but can also be used as a medicine. The patent holder offers a sale of a product license for specific markets. The product is a powerful tool for destroying bacteria WITHOUT causing side effects to other organs. Absolutely harmless! The bacteria can not get resistance to the product, unlike antibiotics.

Intellectual property status

Patent already applied for

Technology Owner

Krasen Dimitrov

CEO at MAMEL&Ecobiotechnoservice

Related keywords

  • Medical Health related
  • Therapeutic
  • Drug delivery and other equipment (including kidney dialysis machines)
  • Other Medical/Health Related
  • Pharmaceuticals/fine chemicals

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