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Smart heavy metal scavenger materials and technology

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Summary of the technology

We developed smart heavy metal scavenger material that can remove heavy metals such as Pb2+, Hg2+, Cu2+, Ag+ etc. After removing the heavy metal ions, the material can be regenerated for reuse. The synthesis process of the material is well established and the material can be synthesized in large scale. We now look for users or large companies that can market our materials and technology for us.

Description of the technology

The material and technology is very desired for water purification, soil remediation, waste water treatment, relaimed water treatment, water treatment for farming etc. The heavy matel ion absorption is fast. The regeneration process is convenient and fast. Both the smart heavy metal scavenger material and the heavy metals can be reused after regeneration. There is no similar material or technology available. We own 100% IP. We are located in Silicon Valley, California, USA. For serious parties of potential collaboration, we can arrange for demonstration.

Technology Owner

Paloza LLC

Small and Medium Enterprise

Peter Zhu

CEO at Paloza LLC

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