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Low Energy High Efficiency Transfer Spray Gun

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Summary of the technology

Heflen low energy spray gun betters the BAT requirements, has a 85%+ transfer efficiency; services the Paint and Nano coating industry a unique control method to reduce surface bounce back and reduction in an overall carbon foot print for its users. Its world patented technology has proven its ability to reduce the risk of exposure to the end user and the environment bringing a safer method of application for all coatings.

Heflen International Limited

Description of the technology

Our objective is to work directly with paint and coating manufacturers to enable them to give a supportive role as a paint and coating supplier to their end users by introducing them to the Heflen spray technology that will enhance the end users legal compliance and reduce their overall exposure to potential harmful risks and hazard’s.

The Nano coating industry is growing rapidly we at Heflen have a proven spray application solution technology, and with our high transfer efficiency enables the end user to reduce their costs on application and time.

As a Green Apple Award winner and a third party transfer certification we have work tirelessly to bring our technology to the market place. www.heflenint.com.

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Heflen International Limited

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About Heflen International Limited

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Manufacturer of spray guns and delivery systems and facilities. Currently working in the Aerospace, Auto, Architectural and Nano coating industries.

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