A new packaging system for a real PICK AND PACK solution dedicated to warehouse logistics (e-commerce, automated picking order line...)

Posted by Pierre from INAWAResponsive · Innovative Products and Technologies · France

Summary of the technology

Instead of current solutions of "pick THEN pack" we find on the e-commerce and order fulfilment markets, this new concept of packaging system (packaging style + its mechanization) brings a real solution of "pick AND pack".
Whatever the products (regular,heterogneous), the dimensions (LxlxH) and the speed of parcels, with the Dynapack concept, you will reach new performances:
- no volume of packaging lost and paid for nothing
- new functions for a better marketing and an efficient reverse logistics
- short machines pay back

= a cutting edge solution of "less is more" for the internet logistic and industrial players.


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  • Electronic Commerce, Electronic Payment
  • Applications for Transport and Logistics
  • Packaging / Handling
  • Packaging for machines
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  • picking
  • logistic
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  • warehouse
  • order fulfilment


Small and Medium Enterprise from France

Innovative company working on several industrial markets.
We are focused on the new trends linked to our technology: energy savings, raw material wastes reduction... for sustainable perfomances.
Our business model is flexible, from licensing to services, depending on the needs of our partners.

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