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Summary of the technology

Radiography of periapical region has become an ordinary and indispensable examination in several areas of dentistry. The high quality, definition and fidelity between the images are fundamental requisites for a correct interpretation and reliability in the use of these results in researches and aid for the construction of clinical diagnosis.
However, errors in the radiographic technique application, mainly errors of angulation, are often reported. With this reflection in mind, research accomplished by the Faculty of Odontology developed an innovative standard device for dental radiography.

USP Innovation Agency
USP Innovation Agency

Description of the technology

This device,which is made from sustainable material and has a simple and low-cost design, enables a geometric standardization of the radiographic image in different intervals of time, by minimalizing vertical and horizontal angulation errors. The device is still individualized and attachable to whichever radiographic dental positioner.

Intellectual property status

Patent already applied for
University of Sao Paulo

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USP Innovation Agency

Technology Transfer Office

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