Reusable Rigid Container to Dispenses Content within a Flexible Pouch Formed to Fit

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Summary of the technology

A packaging lift innovation that dispenses content within a pouch designed to drop in a reusable vessel. The reusable vessel (rigid tube, Jar or container) lifts,scrapes and suspends viscous and non viscous content from the bottom and sides of a flexible pouch eliminating any waste left behind while keeping fresh content at the top.

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New and innovative aspects

Video demo link can be found here:

The purpose of this innovation is to alleviate disposable components for dispensing. An Airless pump, Lotion bottle pump, Deodorant stick and Syringe type push pop dispenser are all functional containers. These containers utilize components that are disposed with the package. Once used the whole container is disposed!

In order to coexist and maintain functionality, a reusable vessel has been designed! The design eliminates the disposal of containers. It dispenses content inside a disposable pouch. The design utilizes a component that keeps the package inside leak free while lifting, scraping and suspending content. The pouch inside is formed to fit the vessel. The container is reusable and the filled pouch creates a sustainable aspect that alleviates waste.

Main advantages of its use

Opposed to functional containers such as deodorant sticks, lotion bottles, airless pumps along with the syringe stems and plunger (push pop). The reusable container promotes sustainability verses wasteful single use containers. The reusable vessel contains ONLY one integrated component that moves a plunger up to dispense content without twisting or pumping. The innovations inclusive design aids in one hand dispensing. Furthermore, consumers with hand pains will not have to squeeze, dig, reach or scrape. The innovation also has implications to be wearable. It doubles as a pump that seperates for mobile applications .

Presently adding from one container into another causes more plastic waste! The filled pouch can be purcahsed on store shelves. The design alleviates the mess consumer would make by squeezing or adding content from one container into another. Many uses of the dispener can emerge once the video demo is viewed.


The innovation pertains to a rigid reusable vesselthat dispenses content inside a stand up flexible pouch formed to fit within. Present bottles are flipped upside down. This innovation gives the bottle functions to remain upright without having to invert. The major benefit is the Inclusive design that gives way to different dispensing methods.


  • Application for ease of use, one hand dispensing, hand pains, elderly, elementary, left hand, right hand, both hands.. mechanically driven for results via counter force, energy displacement and direct drive. New concept proven to lift, scrape and suspend content within a non disposable vessel.
  • Application for viscous and non viscous content proven to lift and scrape. First of it's kind dispenser that makes a functional rigid container reusable with a flexible plastic film pouch. The reusable container disprupts present day single use packaging that's manufactured for disposal. Keeps functional rigid packaging out of landfills!

Intellectual property status

Utility Patent Pending

Current development status

Rough Prototype hand made concepts of many different shapes and sizes

Desired business relationship

Licensing, buyout or aquisition. Many different uses can be designed for sustainable mandates.

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