The method of mass culture of the rotifers Lecane

Summary of the technology

The subject of the offer is the method of intensive, quick and cheap mass culture of Lecane rotifers. Lecane rotifers bred according to this method can be used in limiting the bulking of activated sludge in wastewater treatment plants or as food for fry, predatory tardigrades and predatory fungi. They could be also used as material for scientific research (eg. toxicological and/or ecological research, research of evolutionary processes).

New and innovative aspects

The term "dust" is a common name of diverse zooplankton organisms which because of  small size are used as food for rearing fish. It is a basic food in the first period of rearing. It consists primarily of protozoans, rotifers and other microorganisms. What is important, it may serve as food for almost all aquarium and farmed fish. So far, the only described methods of mass culture concern marine planktonic species of Brachionus plicatilis i Brachionus calyciflorus. The research on the mass culture method have been conducted for over 30 years. Optimal density of Brachionus in the culture is app.500 ind,/ml. These organisms are highly sensitive to increased concentration of ammonium in the medium. Moreover, they require relatively high concentration of dissolved oxygen, which significantly raises the cost of culture. Lecane rotifers as organisms occurring mainly close to the bottom are much more resistant to low oxygen concentration as well as raised ammonium ions. In cultures, using developed method, the density  of 26 000 ind./ml was reached. The Lecane rotifers also could be used to filamentous bacteria growth control. This is the most advanced biological method of bulking prevention basing on interaction observed in the nature.

Main advantages of its use

The method is simple, does not require large financial sources and allows to obtain a large number of rotifers resistant to various environmental factors. The rotifers from such culture are the vector of food rich in fatty acids, vitamins and minerals.


  • Application for  wastewater treatment plants
  • Application for aquaristics and fish farming 

Intellectual property status

The method of mass culture of Lecane rotifer is the subject of patent application in Poland and in European Patent Office (EPO)

Current development status

The method of the mass culture of Lecane rotifers is already developed and described in patent application. The method of Lecane mass culture is based on maintaining culture in plates, in a liquid medium and fed with artificial nourishment.Total productivity of bioreactor  reaches 2 billion individuals in a 2-3days.

Desired business relationship

Currently the Centre for Technology Transfer CITTRU is looking for the entities interested in the commercial applications of the described solution or buisness partners for joint research and development project.  

Related Keywords

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