Detection Kit for drugs and toxic substances

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Summary of the technology

Test kit for both qualitative and quantitative detection of different types of tertiary amines in situ.
Detection of tertiary amines is very important as they are classified in several occasions as toxic analytes and/or contaminants.
Among the tertiary amines capable of being detected by the developed method it is possible to include: pyrrolizidines, tropane alkaloids (scopolamine, atropine and cocaine), Opiates (Morphine, Codeine, Heroin).


New and innovative aspects

The main innovation is that the illumination of certain halogenated reagents in the presence of these amines causes intense fluorescence that is detectable by a spectrofluorometer, whose emission intensity correlates with the concentration of the tertiary amines.

Another important aspect is that the detection of tertiary amines are possible regardless of the origin of the samples (urine, blood, serum ..). On the other hand, this method allows drug discrimination working in a wide range of concentrations, without interfering with other drugs or with no tertiary amines, avoiding extraction techniques and complex separation.

Main advantages of its use

  • Analytical Kit portable for measurements in situ
  • Not specialized personnel required
  • High sensitivity detection and quantification
  • Determines a variety of pollutants or toxic substances (tertiary amines)
  • More economic method in relation to the techniques used at present


Method for determination through emitted fluorescence by tertiary amines in aqueous samples and using reactive halogenated xanthenes based pigments, when they are illuminated by a halogen lamp.


The kit or device can be used, among others, for the detection of substances of interest such as for instance drug quantitation as opiates and derivatives thereof, being possible to use, therefore, for the detection and quantification of heroin.

Other areas of interest are:

  • Food Scope: Detection and identification and quantification of toxic or polluting substances.
  • Agricultural field (agricultural subsectors, farmer and beekeeper): food safety controls for animals and humans.
  • Medical field: emergency diagnostics in hospitals, detox centers controls, etc.
  • Cosmetic Scope: Detection of toxic substances in cosmetic industry.
  • Traffic Safety Scope: prevention of drug use, security control of the road network
  • Legal Scope: control drug trafficking or illegal drug abuse.

Intellectual property status

Protected by PCT/ES2017/070034

Current development status

Kit avalaible for testing.

Desired business relationship

Commercial agreement, License agreement, Technical cooperation: further development, Technical Cooperation: testing of new applications; Technical cooperation: adaptation to specific needs.

Intellectual property status

Related Keywords

  • Agriculture and Marine Resources
  • Agrofood Industry
  • Protecting Man and Environment
  • Social and Economics concerns
  • Medical Health related
  • Consumer related
  • drugs
  • fluorescence
  • detection
  • alkaloids
  • tertiary amines
  • opioids
  • heroin
  • cocaine


The aim of the The Technology Transfer Office (TTO) of the Univesidad de Burgos is to promote Innovation technology through the reseach results transfer and the conexions between the University and the new needs and requirements of the society - we are the link between the University and the Industry. Contact person: José Manuel López (


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