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Single photon detector

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Summary of the technology

Single photon detector
Project ID : 7-2008-60

Description of the technology

The Invention

The invention is a novel solution to the problem of ultra-low level light imaging. The research team is working on a simple and low-cost method using cost effective imager device technology for implementation of the “Single Photon Imaging” (SPI). This imager is based on an “Electron Bombardment Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor Image Sensing” (EB-CMOS-IS) technology.

Potential Applications

Successful implementation of the TASS method on EB-CMOS imagers will open new horizons for ultra-low light imaging applications. It will allow ultra high sensitivity and high speed of operation along with high cost effectiveness of the solution. Areas of application include, security, astronomy, oceanography, medical spectroscopy and others where limited light detection is important.

The Need

Low light level imaging is exploited in military, scientific, astronomy, surveillance and other applications. It is usually based on solid state devices utilizing “photonic event” amplification mechanisms. These devices can be compared according to a variety of factors such as: complexity, physical size, physics principle of operation, power consumption, manufacturing technology, reliability, resolution, frame sampling rate, cost, etc. Typically, theses parameters depend on each other and high-performance systems are more complex and expensive.There is a need for cost effective imager device technology for implementation of single photon Imaging and detection.


The TAU group is working on a well-known cost-effective platfrom named Electron Bombardment Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor Image Sensing (EB-CMOS-IS). We upgrade the capabilities of the platform to rapid spingle photoin sensing by using a Time and Area Sub-sampling method (TASS). The TASS method uses the know parameters of the sensor and takes advantage of the nature of the single-photon incoming events that are separated in time and space. The TASS method allows performing digital integration of the detected photonic events. The digital integration lasts until enough photonic events are collected and an image is appears on the dark background. Simulations have shown that the TASS method implemented on the EB-CMOS imager technology is robust and noise immune for single photon detection.


Worldwide patent applications

Project manager

Oren Calfon
VP Business Development, ICT

Project researchers

Yosi Shacham- Diamand
T.A.U Tel Aviv University, Engineering
School of Electrical Engineering

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