Smart Tag to Determine the Quality of Packaged Fish

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Summary of the technology

Polymeric material that responds colorimetrically to the presence of biogenic amines. The presence of biogenic amines is related to fish spoilage, becoming an indicator of freshness and quality for optimal consumption.
The material developed is able to determine biogenic amines in solution and in gaseous phase.


New and innovative aspects

This technology allows the design of smart tags that inform consumers of the quality and freshness of fish by a colour scale.

Labels can be applied as fabrics, fiber coatings, or films.

Regarding another innovative aspect in relation to other technologies is that the tags can be presented in different formats depending on the needs, allowing the coating of other polymeric and non-polymeric materials by conventional means, by printing, or other known methods.

Main advantages of its use

  • Determination of quality and freshness of packaged fish through a simple colored scale
  • Manufacture of the polymeric material is simple and very economical
  • Versatility of manufacture in different shapes and sizes


Polymeric material comprising a polymer with chemically anchored trinitrobenzene groups. The use of this material as a colorimetric sensor for amines.

This material, i.e., the sensor material, can be obtained or transformed into membranes, films, fibers or coatings by conventional means.

The polymer material changes its color if the medium contains primary and secondary or tertiary amines, both in solution and gas phase; the color development, or change, is clearly perceptible at the nake eye.

The application of these sensors can be for sensing both solutions and gaseous phases.


  • Food quality and safety: Determining the quality of fish through color of labels incorporated into the package itself.
  • Manufacture of smart textiles able to determine biogenic amines in work environments (prevention risk)

Intellectual property status

Protected by patent protection: P201400595

Current development status

In use, test results available

Desired business relationship

Trade Agreement, License Agreement, Technical cooperation: further development, Technical Cooperation: testing of new applications; Technical Cooperation: adaptation to specific needs

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