Polymer (plastics) materials Technology Calls

Strategic Allies Ltd. posted this Technology Call

Our client is an established European manufacturer of speciality polyols, glycols and polyolefin-based materials for use in technically demanding and often niche applications. Polyolefins (POs) are versatile plastics with good physical and chemical properties (e.g. lightweight, transparent, mechanical, flexibility and weather resistance), and as such are used in a wide variety of industries. Polyols and glycols are intermediates used for the manufacture of materials such as polyurethane (e.g. for adhesive or foams). The client’s materials are considered specialised grades (not commodity materials) and are often used in emerging markets and for new applications; they are also supported by excellent customer service. However, these materials are now required to provide enhanced performance to justify their continuing use and increasingly require a simplified route to recycling and potential reuse. The client therefore wishes to provide step-change functionality in the manufacture of specific polyols and polyolefin materials by simplifying the creation, manufacturing and end of life processing, in addition to ways to differentiate their materials providing enhanced material performance for their customers. This could include enabling use of these plastic materials in applications previously not covered (i.e. replacing wood / metal / concrete / glass). Polymers of interest include: ▪ Polyolefin-based (PO) materials: - Ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) and Ethylene butyl acrylate (EBA) - Polyethylene – high and low density (HDPE and LDPE/LLDPE) - Polypropylene (PP) copolymers ▪ Polyol- / Glycol- based materials