Seeking recipe of fruit jelly without added sugar

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Desired outcome

Development of a fruit jelly recipe without added sugar. The developed product should be healthier than classic waffles with fat filling with sugar and should not be more expensive.

Organization from EMEA

Details of the Innovation Need

Background: the growing incidence of diabetes and obesity diseases is one of the key challenges for global healthcare. Excessive sugar consumption is proved to be the main reason for these tendencies. Reducing the sucrose content and finding its substitutes have been important issues for food and beverage companies for many decades.

Jelly candy is a jelly of chewing consistency, the mass fraction of moisture in which is not more than 22% of the total confectionery product mass. The content of sugary substances in the recipe of chewing jelly candy is about 75% (sugar - 50%, glucose syrup / molasses / 50%). In addition to the function of sweetness, sugar in jelly candy also affects the pectin jelly-formation process, and determines the structure of jelly candy and its shelf life.

Therefore, the main task today is to find an ingredient to replace sugar as a structure-forming agent and filler and to develop a finished product based on it, which can be produced in an industrial scale. At the same time, this ingredient or a complex of ingredients should be close to sugar in cost or be cheaper. Sweetness in jelly candy is supposed to be created by natural high-intensity sweeteners (stevia, sweet proteins, etc.), which must be added in fairly small quantities due to their high sweetness.

Product Requirements:

NoList of parametersUOM


1Taste, smell, color-Characteristic for this type of jelly, without off-flavours and smells. In multi-layered jelly candy, each layer should have a taste, smell and color corresponding to the name of the layer
2Consistency-Gelatinous, prolonged is allowed
3Surface-For jelly - glossy

Mass fraction of moisture

5The content of reducing substances%10-15
6Mass fraction of ash insoluble in hydrochloric acid solution with a mass fraction of 10%%max. 0,05
7Mass fraction of total sulfurous acid%max. 0,01
8Mass fraction of benzoic acid%max. 0,07
9Total aciditydegree7-22,5

Additional information:

- the raw cost of jelly candy without sugar should not exceed the raw cost of a similar jelly candy with sugar ( (on the market of innovations call solver);

- all ingredients used to replace sugar in the developing recipe must have a glycemic index of no more than 10.

Method of control of the obtained result:

- preparation and provision to the customer of the final report with recipes, characteristics of raw materials, a detailed description of the technological process of production (technological stages, parameters, equipment), cost calculation.

- confirmation of the developed formulation and technology shall be the reproduction of the product by the specialists of our company.

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