Seeking Collaboration to understand phenomenon leading to the creation of 3-MCPD in pre fried food products

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Desired outcome

Seeking Collaboration to understand phenomenon leading to the creation of 3-MCPD in pre fried food products and implement solutions to limit and control their level. We are looking to collaborate with individuals, companies or academic institutions:
- to develop our knowledge of the parameters leading to the creation of 3-MCPD esters in our industrial conditions
- to develop predictive models & lab scale test methods to facilitate product design, assess risk & define processing parameters
- to implement process-control solutions at the industrial scale, preferably within a 2 year timeframe

Nature of collaboration is to be negotiated.

Nomad Foods

Details of the Innovation Need


3-MCPD esters are contaminants formed when vegetable oils are heated above 185 °C in the presence of chloride

EU food regulations require that the Total Daily Intake (TDI) does not exceed 2 µg/ kg body weight. Based on this requirement we have specified that the maximum level of 3-MCPD esters in a portion of fried food to be consumed as part of the main meal should not exceed 50% of the TDI, which is lower for children due to their reduced body weight.

The levels regarded as acceptable by some consumer orgaisations are somewhat lower & approaching the level of detection.

Extensive factory-based studies have been conducted to try to understand & limit the generation of 3-MCPDs during the industrial frying process. Factors known to be important include:

  1. the temperature of the oil & how the oil is heated
  2. the product composition
  3. the level & type of salt in the recipe
  4. the presence of any catalysts

Based on these studies, the levels of 3-MCPDs generated have been significantly reduced but are not entirely predictable & occasionally levels are observed that are unexplainable & higher than desirable.

Related Keywords

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  • Food quality and safety
  • Micro- and Nanotechnology related to agrofood
  • Measurements and Standards
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