Seeking innovative technologies for energy storage in harsh environments

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  • From Qatar
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  • Project Size Range : 50,000 - 250,000 €
  • Deadline completed
    The submission process for new proposals is closed. Proposals submitted before the deadline will follow the standard evaluation process.

Desired outcome

To support in better management of energy fluctuations (e.g. peak shaving), KAHRAMAA wants to develop efficient state-of-the-art energy storage systems. KAHRAMAA have already successfully piloted a 1MW battery storage system, and is now looking to pilot new systems which offer greater storage capacity.

Qatar Research, Development and Innovation Council

Challenge Context

Qatar’s electricity is generated using mainly natural gas power stations. In an effort to preserve local resources and reduce enviromentalfootprint,KAHRAMAA is currently investing in sustainable and renewable energy systems. Currently,KAHRAMAA is building the first Mega PV Solar Station with capacity of 800MW expected to finish by 2023 with adjoint control center.

KAHRAMAA is the sole transmission and distribution system owner and operator (TDSOO) for the electricity and water sectors in Qatar. Its mission is to provide high quality and sustainable electricity and it aims to set global benchmarks for performance, technological innovation, environmental sustainability and social responsibility in the sector.

To enhance the management of energy fluctuations (e.g. peak shaving),KAHRAMAA wants to develop efficient state-of-the-art energy storage systems.KAHRAMAA have already successfully piloted a 1MW battery storage system, and is now looking to pilot new systems which offer greater storage capacity.

Evaluation CRITERIA

1. Technical Requirements

The new system must:

  • Be able to store energy of at least 10MW, with potential for scale up to 250MW
  • Be able to store energy for at least 2 hours up and to 12 hours
  • Be able to release stored electricity in 100ms or less
  • Be compatible with central control systems

Operate in harsh conditions:

  • External air temperatures over 50oC for 4-5months per year
  • Operate in Relative Humidity over 90%

2. Environmental Requirements

  • Be environmentally friendly and cost efficient

3. Technology Readiness Level

We are accepting proposals between TRL 3 – 8 with potential for pilot development within Qatar

    4. Possible Solution Areas

    Possible solution areas might include:

    • Batteries
    • Molten State Batteries
    • Metal-ion batteries.
    • Super-conducting Magnetic Energy Storage
    • Storeage of electricity, batteries
    • Smart grids, Grid forming technologies
    • Hydrogen Based Storage and Battery Systems
    • Fuel Cells

    ​Other approaches will also be considered. ​

    . Desired Business Relationship

    • KAHRAMAA and QRDI will facilitate piloting of winning solution in Qatar
    • Business agreements to be discussed at a later stage


    Awards and Cooperation Opportunity

    This challenge is part of QRDI’s Qatar Open Innovation program. Qatar Open Innovation has up to one million US Dollars ($1,000,000) to invest in the selected participant proposal across its open challenges to scale-up, jointly develop, acquire or license the proposed solutions. QRDI andKAHRAMAA together with the selected participant will discuss on a one to one basis the funds required to develop the selected pilot in Qatar

    Cooperation and funding opportunity:

    • Part of Qatar Open Innovation program with overall budget of USD 1,000,000
    • Potential for piloting/testing in Qatar facilitated by KAHRAMAA

    Financials / Commercial terms

    All financial and contractual terms to be negotiated between Solution Provider(s), QRDI and KAHRAMAA .

    Intellectual Property Management

    New Intellectual Property rights (if any) will be discussed and agreed on during the evaluation phase and after shortlisting of proposals

    Program Period

    This Open Innovation challenge will start on February 20, 2022 and end by April 21, 2022. All proposal submissions must be completed by April 21, 2022.

    Timeline for proposal submission and evaluation

    The evaluation process will take place as of April 2022 and continue until July 2022.

    QRDI and KAHRAMAA have sole discretion to select proposals and declare winners

    Important: QRDI and KAHRAMAA will work with selected applicants to assess the solution proposal’s business case during the evaluation phase. Solution proposal should be economically feasible and will be evaluated from both a technical and economic perspective.

    After review, selected candidates will be invited to a virtual meeting with QRDI and KAHRAMAA in-house experts to refine their written proposals.

    QRDI may alter the dates at their discretion. Any changes will be communicated to participants.

    All participants must acknowledge and consent that QRDI and KAHRAMAA can use their personal submitted data for event publicity and marketing purposes.

    Timeline for cooperation opportunity development

    The cooperation project will develop in two phases:

    Phase 1 – Proof of concept / Pilot implementation / Adaptation (2022-2023)

    Phase 2 – Collaboration agreement for full scale installations (within 2 years)


    • The Open Innovation challenge is open to start-ups, SMEs, and Corporates. Organizations can submit more than one proposal.
    • All participants must provide valid contact information
    • This challenge is not open to employees of QRDI and KAHRAMAA and members of their families
    • Participation in the open innovation challenge is free of charge
    • Before submitting a proposal, you will be asked to indicate that you have read the Official Rules and that you agree with them
    • QRDI and KAHRAMAA may at its sole discretion, remove or disqualify any submission and participant it deems inappropriate or non-compliant

    Submission Requirements

    To get access to the details that are to be submitted please press on Submit a proposal and fill in all the required information. Incomplete proposals may be subject to disqualification.

    Applicable law

    This Open Innovation Challenge Official Rules and thus your participation in the QRDI and KAHRAMAA joint Open Innovation Challenge shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Qatar and is subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts and Tribunals of Qatar.

    Related Keywords

    • Electronics, IT and Telecomms
    • Research Networking, GRID
    • Magnetic and superconductory materials/devices
    • Energy Technology
    • Energy Storage and Transport
    • Storage of electricity, batteries
    • Transport and storage of hydrogen
    • Hydrogen production
    • Micro-generation and grid connection
    • Smart grids
    • Fuel cells
    • Protecting Man and Environment
    • Environment
    • Sustainability
    • Batteries
    • Energy Market
    • Distributed power and grid connection
    • Power grid and distribution
    • Energy Storage
    • low batteries
    • molten state batteries
    • hybrid batteries
    • metal-ion batteries
    • grid forming technologies

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