Seeking a botanic extract for urinary health

  • Alberto from Pharmactive Biotech Products
  • From Spain
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  • Project Size Range : 250,000 - 1,000,000 €
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Desired outcome

An European fast-growing and solid company is seeking an innovative botanic extracts with functional effects on the urinary functions in both genres. The successful offer will include 1) an innovative product with the highest level of evidence 2) ready to be used and marketed immediately 3) able to be included in food supplements, OTC or Pharma finished products. The extract would contain antimicrobial, antihyperplasia, urolithic, antiespamodic, pain-relieving or any other property related to the urinary wellness.

Pharmactive Biotech Products

Details of the Innovation Need

The company is seeking an innovative botanic extracts to be used alone or in combination with our proprietary herbal extracts.

The call is open to offers of botanic/herbal extracts ready to be used in the main World Markets and, therefore, from plants and technologies acceptable by the concerning Food or Pharma Authorities from Europe, United States, Canada, Australia/New Zealand, Japan, China, Korea, Brasil and other critical countries.

The intended use of the extract does not include prescription drugs.

The offer ideally will include convincing evidence (published human clinical trials are highly desirable) on any aspect related to urinary health and wellness without counter-indications with drugs and other phytotherapeutic products.

The extract must be compatible with oral administration.

Extracts produced industrially or at pilot plant level are preferred. The use of innovative and green production processes would be a plus.

The company offers: trade or licensing agreements.

Discarted solutions

  • Not food/pharma grade extracts
  • Well-known extracts in the market without innovative sources, properties, apl¡plications.
  • Unable to the be used orally

Related Keywords

  • Biological Sciences
  • Medicine, Human Health
  • Medical Research
  • Virus, Virology / Antibiotics / Bacteriology
  • Industrial Biotechnology
  • Agrofood Industry
  • Technologies for the food industry
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  • Medical Health related
  • Therapeutic
  • Other Medical/Health Related

About Pharmactive Biotech Products

European plant extracts manufacturer. The company invests more than 10.00% of its turnover to R&D activities

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