Seeking sustainable non-wood based cellulose sources

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Desired outcome

We are looking for sources of cellulose other than wood pulp, in order to improve the overall sustainability profile of our absorbent hygiene products based on cellulose fluff.

Fater SpA

Details of the Innovation Need

Most of the absorbent function in a diaper is carried out by a cellulose absorbing core. The main – basically only - source of cellulose used today in the absorbent products industry is wood pulp.

In the context of our innovation strategy, we are looking to alternative sources of cellulose suitable for our needs of producing absorbent hygienic products.

We are particularly interested in sources that:

  • do not require harvesting of wood
  • use any type of waste material (industrial, municipal, etc)
  • use recycling processes that have no adverse LCA impact

In terms of material obtained, ideally a drop-in replacement of the current cellulose rolls used in our manufacturing facilities would be ideal. However, different properties such as color, absorbency power, supply form etc. will be evaluated.

We will judge solutions based on:

Industrial availability or potential scalability of solution proposed

Cost and volumes availability – actual or projected

Performance in the manufacturing process

Performance for the end user product (e.g. diapers)

Effectiveness in terms of sustainability profile increase of our products

Discarted solutions

  • Sources of cellulose from wood pulp

Related Keywords

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About Fater SpA

Fater is an Italian company founded in 1958 by Francesco Angelini, since 1992 joint venture between Procter & Gamble and Angelini Group. It manufactures and distributes the brand products ACE Neoblanc and Comet in 39 countries in the Western European and Central Eastern Europe Middle East and Africa markets; in Italy it has been expanding the market of personal hygiene products since the late '60 and it now produces and sells brand products such as Pampers, LINES, LINES Specialist and Tampax. Fater is a dynamic company that invests in Research & Development around 4% of its annual turnover (837 million Euros) and counts globally 1,600 employees. Consumer and market knowledge shared competences and search for efficiency are the drivers of growth in the long run. The headquarters is in Pescara; the Italian manufacturing facilities are located in Pescara and Campochiaro (CB); other plants abroad include facilities in Portugal (Porto) and Turkey (Gebze). Fater has several affiliates in Moscow, Bucharest, Istanbul and Mohammedia.

Fater SpA

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