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Desired outcome

An automation solution that will automatically select fields from a PowerBi dashboard to an Outlook email and automatically insert data. This solution will be used regularly to reduce time spent on the task.

Details of the Innovation Need

I’m using PowerBi to create a monthly dashboard. Each month I get an excel sheet with new data, I need to delete some columns and upload it to PowerBi. When the dashboard is refreshed, I need to click on different tabs of the dashboards to get the information I need to compile a summary report. I usually use email for this. The summary information doesn’t change from month to month, e.g. it’s the total sum of A from Tab 1, the difference of value A between the last report and the current report etc. Is there any way to automate this sort of process?

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  • Information Processing, Information System, Workflow Management
  • Data Processing / Data Interchange, Middleware

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I work in a small team where processes are mainly manual.

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