Seeking proposals to bring stakeholders onto a single platform to offer sponsored resources and incentivise their communities for a better match of skills-based volunteering

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Desired outcome

COVID-19 is a pandemic that has just exposed the weakest points in every country, including Singapore. Beyond its immediate impact on health outcomes and, tragically, human lives – the coronavirus outbreak is also very likely to have long-lasting economic and social impacts stemming from the direct and indirect effects of illness. Reduced trade and economic activity have left some of the most vulnerable social groups without jobs, incomes while faced with rising costs of everyday essentials as well as medical supplies. Schools have been shut and services have been suspended.

While the first few months have been focused on managing the spread of the disease at the cost of the economy and society – it is now time focus be quickly returned to mitigating negative impacts on the most vulnerable in the short and medium-terms. Without immediate intervention to curb this shock, the social costs of this outbreak would be drastic and irreversible.

To support the community in co-creating impactful and lasting solutions in these troubled times, IMDA, The National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre, Golden Energy and Resources, GlobalSign.In and ABM Media are coming together to bring you the COVID-19 & Beyond – Innovation For Social Good challenge.

We hope that this effort sets the pace for social-minded groups to come forward with their innovative ideas to address some of the biggest social challenges and issues of the post-COVID-19 pandemic.

Covid-19 Innovation Challenges by Innoget

Community Engagement

How might we bring all stakeholders onto a single platform to offer sponsored resources and incentivise their communities for a better match of skills-based volunteering, so as to ensure accountability of sponsored resources and deliver socially responsible activities together?

The Context

Currently, there are many ad-hoc stakeholders involved in supporting various Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) projects and activities, but often not in an optimal and coordinated manner. Intermediaries such as suppliers, consultants, agencies may come in to close the coordination gap. However, the overall costs for stakeholders may increase as a result of such additional intermediary layer. In addition to costs, companies also face challenges in quantifying and qualifying CSR efforts, even as it has become an important and integral part of their businesses.

As such, ABM Media envisions a digital platform to incentivise all stakeholders to do good together and strengthen the giving/receiving (exchange) culture between them. For example, ABM Media is sponsoring Singapore's largest digital billboard at Ten Square during Meaningful Sunday, to incentivise all stakeholders to work together and create shared value for the wider community. Another example would be companies using this new digital platform to sponsor resources (Goods & Services), while activating their own employees and even students to offer their skills to the community.

Real-time data collected from this platform would serve as key performance indicators for ease of impact reporting and funding support for all stakeholders. All users of the platform can visualise their collective effort in real-time and ultimately understand how resources are allocated quantitatively and accounted for qualitatively.

What's in it for you?

• SGD 15,000 of prize money for each winner of this challenge
• Publicity through the broadcast of winning problem solver on the digital billboard
• Potential partnership for new business ventures
• Sponsored co-working and event spaces
• Access to B2B2C network for go-to-market strategies
• Leverage on community resources
• Other miscellaneous benefits

About the Challenge Owner: ABM Media

ABM Media is Singapore’s leading digital out-of-home media ecosystem, committed to amplifying social impact in Singapore as part of a wider Singapore Together movement. Its latest innovative project, theTen Square website is slated to be an iconic tourist attraction where it organizes"Meaningful Sunday"for stakeholders such as corporates, schools, communities, non-profit organizations, and ground-up movements to do good together.

Related Keywords

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  • Covid-19
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Covid-19 Innovation Challenges by Innoget

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