Covid-19 Innovation Challenges by Innoget

Seeking developers to build open-source solutions to make an immediate and lasting impact on Covid-19 outbreak

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Desired outcome

COVID-19: What can you do to help now?

The 2020 Call for Code Global Challenge is expanding its focus to tackle the effects of COVID-19, also known as the coronavirus. Technology solutions can help seize and reduce the impact this pandemic has on our daily lives. Now is the time to unite and act swiftly.

We have the tools. You have the talent.

Use these reference materials and technical resources to understand the problems communities face during a pandemic and where your code can have the greatest impact.

Covid-19 Innovation Challenges by Innoget

Why focus on COVID-19?

The COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic poses not only a huge health concern to people - particularly the immunocompromised and elderly - but it also has had huge effects in uprooting societies and disrupting supply chains globally. We’re asking the world's developers and subject matter experts to help tackle this pandemic by increasing awareness through communications, and by limiting the spread of infectious diseases through crisis communication, remote education, and community cooperation.

What's the problem?

When a new disease such as COVID-19 emerges, communications systems are one of the first systems to become overwhelmed. From questions around disease transmission, to how to best protect your health and others around you, to the severity of the disease itself.

How can technology help?

Crisis communication, whether through a chatbot, SMS, or a website, can alleviate panic in communities and provide guidance on the best ways to protect yourself and your loved ones. From guidance on good hygiene to how to properly detect symptoms or key contact information, technology like chatbots or messaging platforms can help deliver information quickly and precisely. This can save people hours compared to waiting to get through to a call center, and free up customer service representatives to focus on higher level issues.

About IBM's 2020 Call for Code Global Challenge

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This year's challenge is focused both on COVID-19 and climate change. Whatever you choose to build, register here for free access to the IBM Cloud and to receive regular updates that will arm you with new skills and help you accelerate your development.

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