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Seeking eco-friendly UV-light stabilizers

Posted by Anonymous OrganizationResponsive · Specific Technical Innovation · Project Size Range : Strategic project backed by large scale funding € · Deadline at 27/08/2020 · European Union

Desired outcome

Polymers are continuously subjected to the action of different stress factors, such as oxygen, heat, UV light, mechanical stress, humidity, etc., during their processing and service life, undergoing overall oxidative degradation, that causes performance and property deterioration.

To improve the resistance at high temperatures and long-term weatherability of the polymers during their manufacturing, synthetic antioxidants and UV-light stabilizers are added. Many of these established UV-light stabilizers are seemingly becoming a threat to human health, the environment and natural resources as they are evidently presence in our aquatic ecosystems and persistence in the environment.

The company is seeking eco-friendly or/and alternative compounds suitable to be used as UV-light stabilizers for the plastic industry.

Organization from European Union

Details of the Technology Call

The proposed technology should have at least one of the following functionality:

  • Absorbing UV light from long term exposure
  • Quenching the excited state of carbonyl groups formed during photo oxidation
  • Deactivating/trapping the free radicals formed during photo oxidation

The technology should be non-toxic and at least at technology readiness level TRL 4 (technology validated in lab), along with demonstrate laboratory or pilot scale data. Ideally, the proposed compound should also be readily available for performance evaluation.

Related keywords

  • Industrial manufacturing, Material and Transport Technologies
  • Materials Technology
  • Plastics, Polymers
  • Properties of Materials, Corrosion/Degradation
  • Physical Sciences and Exact Sciences
  • Chemistry
  • Organic Chemistry
  • Micro- and Nanotechnology
  • Consumer related
  • uv-light stabilizers

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