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Seeking grain quality quick evaluation technology based on X-Ray or other similar solutions

Posted by Qaztech VenturesVery responsive · Game Changer Technologies and Ideas · Project Size Range : 50,000 - 250,000 € · Deadline at 22/04/2020 · Kazakhstan

Desired outcome

• Express analysis without the need for have own laboratory
• Possible technologies with the use of x-rays (and analogues)
• The cost of the device is up to 10,000 Euros.
• Work in the temperature range of +10 to +35 degrees C.
• The device must operate at 220 Volts or be portable.

Qaztech Ventures
Qaztech Ventures

Details of the Technology Call

When purchasing grain from farms, the most important parameter for flour producing enterprises is the percentage of whiteness that affects the quality/grade of flour. At the moment, there are certified laboratories, which give certificates to grain producers, but most mills need to recheck/ evaluate the quality of incoming grain at the moment of purchasing on the site. Common verification technologies are based on the study of spectrophotometric, color characteristics of the grain and its anatomical parts, and have 3 disadvantages: speed, accuracy and price. The company is looking for technology that will provide accurate data based on the analysis of x-ray images or similar solutions.

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