Seeking the technology of automated control of quality of 1 liter milk bags sealing

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Desired outcome

- The technology should carry out automated control of quality of sealing with a productivity of 30-45 thousand
liter packs per day.
- The technology should work in the conditions of a milk production environment
(temperature, purity, humidity).

Qaztech Ventures
Qaztech Ventures

Details of the Innovation Need

In the production of milk in soft bags (the most budget and common packaging), in certain cases poor-quality soldering is observed, due to which the tightness of the package is broken and smudges are formed that negatively affect all further stages of delivery of the milk bags to the client. The occurrence of this facts can vary from 3-10% in some cases 20%. On average, interested enterprise produce more than 30 tons of milk (and yougurt) in soft packaging per day.

The company is looking for low-cost technology or equipment to automatically check the quality of adhesions (tightness) of 1-liter bags, prior to their transportation from the factory to distributers. (The milk bags in the picture are from Internet and are presented just to give an understanding of type of bag, and are IN NO WAY are associated to the brands which are on the picture)

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