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Seeking new raw materials derived from gaseous carbon sources

Posted by Anonymous OrganizationResponsive · Specific Technical Innovation · Project Size Range : Strategic project backed by large scale funding € · Deadline at 23/04/2019 · European Union

Desired outcome

The main goal is to find materials or chemicals derived from gaseous carbon sources, e.g. CO2, CO, etc that may be useful for applications such as but not limited to emulsification, dispersing, thickening, texturing, film formation, etc. Gaseous carbons of a pollutant source as a starting material will be preferred. The materials or chemicals product can range from organic materials, including simple molecules to (preferably biodegradable) polymers, including macromolecules or inorganic materials.

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Details of the Technology Call

The materials are to be used in skin care products, so (eco)toxicologically safe profile is mandatory. Preferentially, (eco)toxicological data for the proposed material should be supplied.

Technologies and processes in producing the raw material should be based on green chemistry principles. When energy intensive processes are involved, explanations of energy sources are expected. Use of or the possibility to use renewable energy is favoured

Evaluation will be performed according to the priorities: suitable chemical composition, performance, applicability particularly as skin care material and (eco) toxicological profile. Materials synthesized in accordance to green chemistry principles are desired.


  • Inventor should be able to show and explain the technical properties of the materials based on their application. All states of materials or chemicals; gas, liquid or solid would be considered. Residual precusors and catalysts are also critical for toxicology reasons. Therefore, they shold be removed from the final product. When present due to unavoidance, inventor should provide information about th efact irself and the amount. Unless neccesary, molecules should have molecular weights above 500 Da. Synthesis process desired, when information can be disclosed. Life cycle assessment (LCA) or environmental product declaration (EPD) information would be a plus.

Discarted solutions

  • Fossil feedstocks as well as biomass that can serve as food are not desired here. If the latter serves as model feedstock clear plan for the future to change the feedstock according the briefing need to be presented.

Possible solution areas

  • The focus is on functionality, without limitation on the applications, including but not limited to emulsification, dispersing, thickening, texturing, film formation, cleansing, solvent for other molecules etc.

Related keywords

  • Industrial manufacturing, Material and Transport Technologies
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  • Protecting Man and Environment
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