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Seeking eco-friendly bleaching and oxidative cleaving process for waxes

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Desired outcome

Waxes are typically make up of linear or branched-chain hydrocarbon chains and can contain polar functionalities like e.g. ester or amide groups. Their importance has been well recognized, especially with the growing demand of modern consumer products like packaging, cosmetics and pharmaceutical. Plant-based or renewable waxes are also gaining favor in recent years due to higher sustainability compared to fossil based waxes.

We are seeking sustainable green oxidative cleavage process that can convert renewable ester waxes, like rice bran wax and sugar cane wax, to similar end products obtained by conventional processes. Many oxidative cleavage processes are already established in the industry, but not many are eco-friendly. Furthermore, with the shifting focus from fossil waxes to plant-based waxes, alternative oxidative technologies do result in chemically different products from different plants. Here the company is keen to explore modern bleaching technologies or to work with technology-partners with bleaching experiences on renewable materials.

The company is open to partners from any country and to a variety of cooperation. Research cooperation agreements with research organizations might yield into publications or consequent R&D contracts. Depending on the stage of technology readiness, an out-licensing of the process is possible or a joint venture might be a way to further develop for feasibility studies for a pilot scale up.

Organization from Germany

Details of the Technology Call

We are seeking eco-friendly bleaching and oxidative cleaving process for plant-based ester waxes and is keen to explore modern bleaching technologies or to work with technology partners with bleaching experience on renewable feedstock.

The proposed technology should be at least at technology readiness level (TRL) 4 (technology validated in lab) and along with demonstrate laboratory or pilot scale data.

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