Seeking for a specific zeolite complexing agents that bind iron and copper ions from tap water

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Desired outcome

Looking for a specific zeolite complexing agents that bind iron and copper ions out of the tap water. The Cu2+ and especially Fe3+ ions in the water form yellow chelate complex in our cosmetic products. We would like to incorporate specific zeolite in our products that absorbs these Fe and Cu ions from the water and thus does not give a yellow discoloration.

Organization from Germany

Details of the Technology Call

Zeolites are crystalline aluminosilicates which can be found in many modifications in nature, but can also be produced synthetically. Zeolites for example as ion exchanger (from detergent industry).
In the hydrated form of the zeolite, the cations in the cavities are similar to those in a solution. They are mobile and not tied to one place. They can be replaced by other cations when the zeolite is suspended in water. Usually Ca2+ is preferred. Two Na+ ions are released to maintain the charge balance. But we are especially looking for zeolite that capture Cu2+ and Fe3+.

Technical requirements


  • The raw material should be incorporated into a cosmetic formulation: soluble in water or oil, non-toxic.
  • The material shouldn´t contain microplastics and/or nanoparticles.


  • Preferred colorless or white raw materials.

Previously attempted solutions (discarded)

  • Zeolith A binds only Ca2+ ions out of the tap water and therefore it´s not applicable for our purpose.

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