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Seeking Sensor Technology for Surface Displacement of Wall of Tunnels (Opportunity for Collaboration)

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Desired outcome

A large Japanese corporation is seeking sensor technology for surface displacement of wall of tunnels especially for disaster prediction and prevention. The company values technology proposals based on test data.
Potential partnership includes collaborative development, out-licensing of asset or technology and possible funding opportunity depending on the term.

Details of the Technology Call


• Accuracy/ Precision: ±0.05mm - ±0.5mm (actual value)

• Distance between sensor and object: 10cm - 20m

• Number of sensor: 1

• Number of object: 1~5

• Material of object: Concrete

• Amount of displacement: 1mm - 10cm

Test data (if any):

- Multi-point displacement test (Number of object: 1 - 5)

- Distance changing test(between sensor and object: 10cm, 50cm, 1m, 5m, 10m, 20m)

- Object changing test (Reflector type, Concrete material)

- Obstruction test: (Obstruction: metal, equipment etc..)

- Humidity changing test (checking the humidity effect)

Test condition:

- Temperature: 15-20℃

- Humidity: 40-70%

Evaluation items:

Summary of idea; Possible application of the idea (more than one can be proposed); Test data, if available, Stage of the asset (if the idea is an asset out-license); Any strengths or differentiating points of the idea, such as novelty or feasibility (if available); IP status.

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